Meet the Team: In the Limelight with Merveille Elanga, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Connect44 France
Meet the Team: In the Limelight with Merveille Elanga, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Connect44 France

Meet the Team: In the Limelight with Merveille Elanga, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Connect44 France

In our recent story of the "Meet the Team" campaign, we ventured to Connect44 France, where we had the pleasure of speaking with Merveille Elanga, the team's Talent Acquisition Specialist. Merveille, or Mervy as she prefers to be called, shared insights into her role, professional journey, and the unique dynamics of working at Connect44.

From HR and Recruitment to Connect44

When asked about her background and what led her to her current role, Mervy shared, "My background is in HR and Recruitment, with 7 years of professional experience. I joined Connect44 in November 2022 as a Talent Acquisition Specialist." Her extensive experience in the field has evidently prepared her well for the challenges and responsibilities of her role.

A Day in the Life of a Talent Acquisition Specialist

Mervy's days are filled with a variety of tasks, all aimed at finding the best candidates for Connect44 France. "I look for candidates in databases, post job offers on job boards, call potential candidates for prequal interviews, send candidates to the client, make the follow-up and organise interviews. There's a strong part of Customer relationship involved," she explained. What excites her the most is the opportunity to discover new tech jobs and interact with different people every day.

Professional Growth and Team Dynamics

Since joining Connect44, Mervy has seen significant professional growth, learning to work effectively with team members from around the world and searching for candidates beyond her borders. The team dynamics are enhanced by regular interactions on Teams, through calls, chats, and meetings. "I am open to helping find candidates when my team members need support," Mervy adds, highlighting her collaborative spirit.

Overcoming Challenges with Innovative Solutions

Mervy discussed a recurring challenge: clients being slow in making decisions, leading to the loss of good candidates. Her proactive approach involves informing clients about the consequences of their delays and making bi-monthly visits to the main client site for face-to-face discussions. This direct approach has helped in getting the timely responses needed for successful placements.

Advice for Aspiring Talent Acquisition Specialists

For those looking to enter the field, Mervy advises: "Be flexible, take time to understand the roles, and stay positive. Also continuous learn and adapting to any situation can help." This mindset has undoubtedly contributed to her success and ability to adapt to the dynamic field of recruitment.

Life Beyond Work

Outside of her professional life, Mervy enjoys cooking, reading, and spending quality time with her family. These activities offer her relaxation and joy, balancing the demands of her job.

A Unique Team Culture

When asked about the team's culture, Mervy enthusiastically described it as "ONE Team." Despite being the only Talent Acquisition Specialist in France, she never feels alone, knowing she's part of a broader team spread across different countries. "I guess it's the same for all of the TAs," she reflects, highlighting the supportive and unified culture at Connect44.

Merveille Elanga's journey and insights paint a picture of a dedicated professional thriving in a collaborative and dynamic environment. Her contributions not only drive Connect44 France's success but also embody the essence of the team's culture and spirit.